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Traffic Alert: Road Closures Around FNB Stadium for ANC Siyanqoba Rally

Traffic Alert for FNB Stadium Area Due to ANC Siyanqoba Rally

In preparation for the upcoming national elections, the African National Congress (ANC) is organizing its final rally, known as the Siyanqoba Rally, at Johannesburg's FNB Stadium this Saturday. The event is expected to attract a significant number of people, leading to disruptions in the normal flow of traffic around the stadium. Thus, authorities have issued a traffic advisory for motorists in the area.

Affected Routes

Police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Mavela Masondo has provided details on the affected routes. Roads encircling the FNB Stadium will be closed to manage the traffic and ensure the safety of the event's attendees. Motorists are strongly encouraged to use alternative routes to avoid delays. Recommended routes include the N1 highway, M1 highway, N12 highway, Main Reef Road, Aerodrome Road, and Adcock Ingram Road.

Preparations for the Rally

The ANC has been gearing up for this rally as a final show of strength before the elections. Thousands of supporters are expected to attend, with notable figures such as President Cyril Ramaphosa and other high-profile party leaders scheduled to address the crowd. This rally, called the Siyanqoba Rally, which translates to "we are winning" in isiZulu, is traditionally held to galvanize support and energize the electorate.

Impact on Local Businesses and Residents

Local businesses and residents should also prepare for the increased foot traffic and potential disruptions. Those living or operating near the stadium might experience noise, crowding, and limited access during the rally. It would be prudent for them to make necessary adjustments to their routines and plans for the day. Businesses might want to consider adjusting their operating hours or ensuring that employees and customers are informed about the possible traffic challenges.

Safety Measures and Coordination

The police department and local authorities are working in coordination to ensure the safety and security of all attendees. There will be a significant presence of law enforcement officers around the stadium and on the recommended alternative routes. Emergency services will also be on standby to manage any incidents that may arise. Motorists and attendees are advised to remain patient, follow traffic guidelines, and cooperate with law enforcement personnel to ensure a smooth and safe event.

Historical Significance of the Siyanqoba Rally

The Siyanqoba Rally has historical and symbolic importance for the ANC. It represents a culmination of their election campaign efforts and serves as a platform to make final appeals to voters. Historically, these rallies have drawn large crowds, showcasing the party's organizational strength and broad support base. The rally is not just a political event but also a cultural and social gathering for many supporters, often featuring music, dance, and speeches that celebrate the party's heritage and achievements.

Expected Turnout and Logistics

Given the significance of this year's elections, the turnout for the rally is expected to be particularly high. Logistics teams have been working tirelessly to set up the event, ensuring that all necessary arrangements are in place. This includes setting up stages, sound systems, and seating arrangements to accommodate the large number of attendees. Special provisions are also being made for media coverage, as the event will be broadcasted live to reach a wider audience.


As Johannesburg prepares for this major event, the cooperation of motorists, residents, and attendees is crucial. The ANC's Siyanqoba Rally is not just a political milestone but also a significant logistical undertaking. Keeping alternative routes in mind and planning ahead will help mitigate the disruptions caused by the road closures. With proper preparation and coordination, the rally will be a successful and safe event for all involved.


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