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SOLD! is a theatrical reincarnation of the four women whose skulls were part of the 20 skulls of Herero/Nama people that were repatriated to Namibia from Germany. These four women embark on a journey to rediscover/uncover unnamed women in African History and in present times; interrogating the state of how women are perceived in Africa today.

A conversation with the skulls of the four women occurs through movement, sound and spoken text exploring metaphors and meanings to re-claim and re-face some of the women who were defaced and buried namelessly in history. 



Ashed is a visual, musical and choreographic performance. Volcanic ash-frozen human figures in Pompeii inspired the dance piece exploring the boundaries between lifeless and living bodies. The fossilized figures are symbolic metaphor and are used parallel to the socio-political situation of the morden society, more specifically South African society. If the people of Pompeii were trapped in volcanic ash, are we now trapped in our past? Despite economic progress, society is firmly rooted in its political history. What has actually changed after 25 years of independence and democracy?



Un-mute is based on Andile Vellem’s experience as a dancer who is deaf – finding his voice as a choreographer and using sign language as the source of movement vocabulary. Vellem has brought together performers with different dance backgrounds to explore what they would like to “un-mute” – feelings, perceptions, social norms and expectations, also deconstructing what is considered to be “dance”.